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Home Canned Pineapple

The last two cans of pineapple that I bought in the supermarket tasted awful.  There was a chemical, metallic taste to the pineapple.  So, I decided to try to can my own pineapple.  I bought only three pineapples, just to see how much trouble it would be, and you know, it wasn’t all that difficult. I followed the directions from my copy of the Ball Blue Book, the canning bible.  I sliced a thin slice off the bottom end, then sliced each pineapple in 1/2 inch rings, with a large sharp knife.  Then I laid each ring down on my chopping board and ran a paring knife around the inside to cut away the rind and eyes.  I cut each peeled ring gently towards the center of the ring, stopping my cuts just short of the center core.  After that I ran the knife around the core and the pieces just dropped off into my container.  Of course, my husband and I had to taste a piece for quality control!  Yum!

I made a light sugar syrup, per Ball Blue Book directions. I added the pineapple pieces to the hot syrup and brought it back to a boil.  Next the pineapple pieces were ladled into clean, hot jars and the hot syrup poured over them.  Lids and rings added, they went into the hot water bath.  Water was brought to boiling and the jars were boiled for 15 minutes. My three pineapples made five pints.  (I had to throw away the first slice from the bottom on two pineapples, because they had bad sections.)  I think I will can more!  If you want to try canning, I suggest you buy a copy of a good canning book, like Ball Blue Book or Jackie Clay’s Guide to Growing and Canning Your Own Food.

Five pints of yummy pineapple for smoothies, upside-down cake, or whatever.

Five pints of yummy pineapple for smoothies, upside-down cake, or whatever.


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