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What is a Good Mother?

What is a good mother?  A good mother is a woman who loves her children and wants the best for them, who sometimes goes without so they can have their needs met. She hates to correct her precious children, but does anyway when it is good for their character.  A good mother refrains from giving her children everything they want, even though she wishes nothing more than their happiness.  She knows that having everything they want makes them selfish and demanding.

A good mother comes in all shapes, sizes, colors and ages.  Her children are beautiful, precious, and brilliant. A mother constantly teaches her child.  A good mother strives to teach them right from wrong.  A good mother allows her child to “help” her with their awkward attempts, even though the process takes twice as long.

A good mother is not perfect.  She makes mistakes, some of which she still anguishes over years later.  But the love of a good mother for her children lasts forever.  Memories linger on long after her death.  I had a good mother and I hope you did too.



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