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Hurrah! Minus Thirty Pounds!

I stepped on the scale this morning to see a wonderful sight.  The needle on the scale rested on the minus-thirty-pounds-mark.  So, since April, I’ve lost a total of thirty pounds and two dress sizes.  Very satisfying.  When I began trying to lose weight, I set a goal to get into my smallest size clothes that are hanging in my closet.  A few weeks after I started my own personal program, I came across a Lose-A-Pound-A-Week thread over on the Amazon Kindle boards.  “I can do that,” I told myself, “and lose fifty pounds in a year.”

Losing weight is hard, but doable.  I don’t focus on the total amount I want to lose.  That only leads to depression.  I only focus on one pound at a time.  I weigh myself every morning in my nightclothes and check to see if the scale a. stays the same or b. dips down slightly or c. goes up slightly.  That way I can tell how I need to adjust my eating and exercise to stay on track.  Some weeks I lose two pounds, some weeks, one pound, some weeks a half pound and some weeks none. (In a birthday week with ice cream and cake, for example.)  But, over all, the weight keeps going down.

Now I know if one is overweight, one should lose weight for health’s sake.  However, health wasn’t enough motivation for me.  It took trying on some new clothes in the mall and seeing that I didn’t fit into the size I had been wearing to shock me into firming up my resolve.  I told myself, “I am NOT going up another size.”  And I began that very day.

I walk for half an hour every morning and do some strength building exercises for about 10-15 minutes every night before going to bed.  I cut out desserts, except for the rare occasion.  I quit eating snacks, except for a piece of fruit.  I cut out junk, like chips, candy, etc.  Again, except for rare occasions.  Otherwise, I eat normal meals, just not huge portions.  I don’t eat low-fat and I don’t eat no-carb.  I do still get cravings for sweets and chips, but usually I can handle them.  With twenty more pounds to go, I am sticking to losing weight slowing and keeping it off.
How about you?  Want to join me in the lose-a-pound-a-week club?


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