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Blowing Your Own Horn–or Not?

This month the blog topic on the Merry-Go-Round Blog Tour for the participating authors is to write about our strengths as a writer.  In our culture we are taught that we should not brag about our accomplishments.  We even have an old saying, “Don’t blow your own horn.”  So, I’m not comfortable talking about my strengths, but here goes.

I currently have three published books on Amazon.  I wrote a light, sweet romance, A Man For Sylvia   several years ago that was out of print and has been re-released as an Amazon e-book.  I’ve also written two magical fantasy books, suitable for all ages:  A Singular Gift and A Singular Chance  that are also available as e-books. People that have read the books enjoyed them, so I must be doing something right.

What are my strengths?  Hmmm.  I write a lot of dialogue.  I think I do dialogue well. I try to add action in with the dialogue.   I also like to have something happening, not just pages of description, so I think I keep the pace moving along as my characters act and things happen to them. I have a good vocabulary and I’m good at grammar.

Sorry that this post isn’t more detailed and clever, but I hate promoting myself!

In most blog tours, a single author appears on a variety of blogs, moving around the Internet and allowing the readers of those blogs get to know the author.  In the Merry-Go-Round Blog Tour, the authors stay on their blogs and it’s you, the reader, who takes the tour.Each month, participating authors from around the world agree to blog on a single topic throughout the month. By following the links in each month’s post, you’ll discover a whole bunch of new authors in a variety of genres, levels of experience, and styles of writing. We hope you enjoy the trip and come back each month for a new spin around the globe.


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