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4 Questions I’m Asked Most About Retirement

4 Questions I’m Asked Most About Retirement

If I had a dollar for every time I’ve been asked, “How’s retirement?” in the past three years since I retired from teaching middle school, I’d have a pile of money to spend.  Wow!  It sure doesn’t seem like three whole years have passed since I retired.  The time has passed fast.  I’ve often been asked the same questions over and over again and I’d like to address some of those questions.

Question 1:  How do you like retirement?   Oh, I love it!  I finally have time to do some of the many things that I WANT to do and not just the things I HAVE to do.

Question 2: Don’t you get bored staying home all day?   Short answer: no.  Long answer:  How could I possible be bored with all the things I have to keep me busy?  My question back would have to be “How can anyone possibly be bored in retirement?”  (I guess if all one does is work and go home to watch T.V., then life after retirement could be boring.  Thankfully, that’s not me.)

Question 3:  (Variation on Question 2):  What do you do all day?  Oh, my.  Where to begin?  I make quilts and quilt them.  I sew things–clothes, aprons, etc.–for family members (and sometimes even for myself–LOL).  In spring, summer, and fall, there is the vegetable garden to plant, mulch, weed, and harvest.  In the winter, there’s wood to haul into the house every so many days.   I enjoy reading a wide variety of books.  I also write books. (I currently have three books that available on Amazon.  If you are interested, you can read about them on my book page.)  I have grandchildren who visit occasionally.  (I have baskets that I’d like to make, but can’t seem to get around to starting them.)  My DH and I take turns cooking our evening meals.  I have two mountain dulcimers that I enjoy sitting down with and playing old songs on them.

Question 4: How do you afford not working?  This is a tricky problem.  Our health insurance has gone up and our deductible has gone way up since the health care law was passed.  Food prices have soared and we won’t even talk about how gas prices have raised in the past three years.  How do we cope?  We have a strict budget and we keep to it.  We seldom eat out, maybe once every two or three weeks, or more.  Depends.  We eat less meat than we used to.  We cook from scratch and do not buy expensive box mixes and packaged prepared foods.   We have a garden, which helps a lot.  As for gas, we drive less than we did when we were driving back and forth to work every day, but there’s not much we can do about when we do have to drive somewhere. It would be nice to have more money, but neither of us really want to work part-time–that defeats the purpose of retirement.  And as long as we are careful, we can get by.

Are you retired?  How do you manage your retirement life?
Are you thinking ahead to retirement?  Be sure to plan to have lots of activities to keep you busy. (I’ve heard horror stories about people who retired and died with a year, seemingly out of boredom.)   What’s your opinion about retirement?


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