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Minus Twenty Pounds and Counting

I started a sensible weight loss effort back in early April with my post called Raise Your Hand if You Want to Lose Weight.   On June 11th, I posted about my  yummy breakfast smoothie .  At that time I had lost 15 pounds.  I’m convinced that the nutritious breakfast smoothie has helped me lose weight.  At this writing, I’ve lost twenty pounds and am very encouraged.  I’m able to get into clothes that I haven’t been able to wear for several years.

How am I losing weight?  Not by any fad diet to lose it fast and gain it back fast.  I’m done with those.  Almost every morning I walk for half an hour.  I eat normal meals, but try not to snack in between meals.  I cut out junk, like chips, cookies, etc.  I have cut way, way back on all sugar, not just desserts, but reading the labels.  I do not eat low-fat. I use butter, whole milk, etc.  I eat meat and occasionally fried foods.

I do not eat low-carb. (Moderation in all things.) I eat rice, potatoes, corn, peas, and bread.  I have cut back on my bread consumption. In addition, I’ve cut out baked sweets, except for special occasions.  Once in a while I’ll eat a small dish of high quality ice cream.

In the evening I do about 15 minutes of exercising with small five-pound weights and do some spot body exercising for my trouble spots.

Every morning I weigh myself.  If the scale goes up, even slightly, I know to cut back on my eating for the day.  If the scale nudges downward, then I am happy. I am always aware of what I’m eating.  If I do eat a snack, I portion out a certain amount and limit myself to that. I’m been losing an average of a pound to two pounds a week.  Even though I was traveling and visiting for most of the past month, I still lost a couple of pounds during that time.

My goal by the end of September is to have lost two clothing sizes.  By next summer, at least one, maybe two more.

Of course, I’d love it if all the extra pounds just melted off overnight, but that just isn’t going to happen.  There’s no magic pill that will allow us to lose weight while we still eat whatever we want.  (So Sad!)  But I’m committed to this sensible weight loss effort and feel that I can continue this long-term to get down to a healthy weight for my short height.
Want to join me in the pound a week goal?



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