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Balance: Moderation in All Things?

This month’s Merry Go Round Blog Tour topic is balance.

Balance: Moderation in All Things?

Can you do it all?  Do you even want to?

Do this.  No, do that.  Momma, I want.  Honey, can you? Meals, dishes, housecleaning, work schedule, laundry, errands, kids, husband (or wife).  However do you find time for creative endeavors, whether it be sewing, quilting, writing, painting, gardening, basket weaving, or whatever it is that you do to relax?  How well I remember those days.

Before I started back to work, I wrote when the kids were in school.  After I returned to the work force, if I wrote at all, it was in snatches here and there. I kept a journal, sporadically.  My hat is off to all parents who manage to work, take care of children, and also find the time to write.  If you do, then you deserve a gold medal.  Balance just wasn’t there for me back then.

My kids are now grown and married.  I’m also retired from going out each day to work for someone else, so I can make my own schedule (to a certain extent).  Meals and dishes still need to be done, but with only two people in the house, that’s not as time-consuming. My husband still needs attention.  Gardening must be done at certain times of the year, but our garden is not near as large as when the children were home.

I am busy most of the day, but much of what I do is now what I want to do, instead of what I have to do.   I schedule time for writing, for sewing, for quilting. I make time for planting and harvesting the garden.  I haven’t made a basket in several years, but have Easter baskets for my grandkids on my “to do” list of things to get around to, (when I get a round tuit).  I have a mix of work (cleaning house, cooking, doing garden work) and free time (quilting, sewing, writing, etc.)  My husband and I take the time to sit down together and practice drawing lessons, or play cards together on a regular basis.  Now my life does have balance.  When our children were young we focused on them and their needs.  And, I believe, that’s as it should be.  Our families are more important than anything else.

Balance? Moderation?  They’re okay when possible, but sometimes you have to make family come first.

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