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Do You Need A Deadline?

This months topic for the Merry-Go-Round Blog Tour  is deadlines.

Deadlines send a shiver of dread up the spine of many folks.  Ack!  I must have this done by next month, next week, tomorrow!  They panic and freeze up, unable to do any work at all. On the other hand, some people thrive on deadlines and work to their best ability when they are held to a strict schedule.

Deadlines don’t bother me, but then, I’m retired and I don’t have any deadlines now.  I write for creative fulfillment so my writing has no deadlines either.  Now maybe this is good and maybe it is bad.  Would I be more productive if I knew I HAD  to have my book done in the next six months?  Hmmm.  What if I made myself a deadline and pretended that it was imperative that A Singular World was due by the end of December?  Could I?

Summer is coming with garden work galore.  Grandkids are visiting for two weeks.  Visiting my daughter in Texas for three weeks to help out with the new baby.  Going to fiddle camp.  Grandkids coming again.  Canning. Freezing. Other daughter coming for a visit for a week or so.

No, I think setting a book that I haven’t started yet with a due date of December is setting myself up for failure.  But, what about the end of January?  January is a very good month for me for writing.  No company. No outside work (except snow shoveling).  Yes, I think January is doable.

So, deadline here I come!


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