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My Writing Influences

It’s hard to single out only a few influences on my writing because everything I read and do becomes a part of me.  Every book, every short story, every song, every conversation, every sermon, every activity, every article–well, you get the picture.  Everything we experience becomes a part of who we are.

The most profound influences on my writing are the books I read in my youth.  C.S. Lewis and the world of Narnia became my alternate world when I was a young girl.  As I grew older I devoured all the Andre Norton and Robert Heinlein books I could find.  Andre Norton had a decided influence on my writing style. She wrote fast-paced books with a lot of action and that’s how I write.  Then in college (showing my age here) I found some books, newly introduced into this country:  The Lord of the Rings trilogy.  Oh, Wow!  I read them and re-read them.  Tolkien’s style is considered too slow nowdays, but he is still THE master of fantasy, as far as I’m concerned.

Who influenced you?

Today’s post is my response to the prompt on Influences, this month’s topic for the Merry-Go-Round Blog Tour. Throughout the month, you can get to know twenty (or so) other writers from various genres and backgrounds and at various places in their careers.


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