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Splashes of Color–Star Quilt Blocks

I had a bunch of 5-inch square samples of Kona cotton solids and Moda marble colorwashed fabric.  I paired them together, along with 5-inch squares of batiks.  Using light/darks, I stayed within the same color family.  I made triangle squares out of all of them.  After pressing and trimming the squares, I laid them out, one color at a time, on my cutting table.  I sewed the five green blocks together, but the rows aren’t pressed yet.  [Please ignore any points that don’t exactly match! ;)]  I have the four rows of the purple and yellow/orange blocks made. Two purple blocks and three yellow/orange blocks.  The pink/red blocks are just laid out on the table.  There will be four of those.  I haven’t done anything with the brown and blue blocks yet.  I’m a long way from being done, but I’d like to share the beautiful colors with you.  Can you see the stars?

One of the four green blocks.

One of the two purple blocks

And the yellow/orange example

Samples of the red/pink blocks


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